Action Gaming is a casino game designer and inventor and is interested in reviewing your casino related game or product idea. 

We have the development and financial resources to bring a game to market. Our initial preference in game design is improvements or new ideas that relate to video poker, but we will consider other games.

For your protection as well as ours, please consider the following before contacting us about your game or product idea:

1 First, we are going to give priority to gaming concepts for which a patent has been applied. This shows that you are committed to your idea, have considered your product development, and believe the concept is unique. If you don’t have a patent or patent application, then you should at least have had an attorney research your game concept as to its originality. We do not supply patent advice.
2 When submitting an e-mail to us, please provide a preliminary description of the game or product concept. You can speak in general terms. If we believe your concept has merit, we will let you know right away.
3 If we believe your concept has potential, we will ask for a written proposal which should include basics of the game, game math, and any market research.  A game demo is preferred when submitting ideas. 
4 Action does not sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

We look forward to hearing about your idea.

Mike Fields, Executive Vice President


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